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Frequently asked questions

Q. Does Qamar Dental Practice offer an out of hours emergency services?


Yes! If you are experiencing dental pain or you require dental treatment outside our surgery hours, please call the practice and listen to our recorded message for details of how to contact a 24 hours emergency dentist out of hours and Bank Holiday.


Alternatively you can get in touch with NHS Services 111



Q. Are you taken on new patients?


We are always happy to see new patients. Many of our new patients are referred to us by our existing ones – if you have been referred by one of our patients please do let us know so we can thank them.



Q. How can I replace missing tooth or teeth?


If you have a missing tooth or teeth, there’s several ways we can replace it. You may be able to have a bridge fitted, which means the teeth either side of the missing tooth are capped, with a fixed false tooth replacing the missing tooth in the middle. Alternatively, you may opt for a partial denture or an implant. An implant is a titanium rod which is surgically placed into the jawbone as an ‘anchor’ for fixing dentures or crowns.



Q. Why do my gums bleed? Is it gum disease?


Gum disease is caused by plaque, just like tooth decay. If the plaque isn't removed with brushing, flossing or a mouth rinse, it can get under the gum line and attack the gums, making them red and puffy. You may also notice some bleeding when you brush your teeth.



Q. Can I have white fillings?


Some people opt for white fillings which match the colour of the natural tooth better. White fillings are becoming more popular, but, for the back teeth, they are only available privately. If you need a filling in one of your front teeth, you can get a composite filling on the NHS. For more information please ask the dentist at your examination.

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